Over-the-Hump-Wednesday Grammar and Idioms Lesson (July 24, 2019)

Over-the-Hump Wednesday

Dear NESE Community:

We are delighted to bring you NESE’s new mid-week Grammar & Idioms lesson: “Over-the-Hump-Wednesday.” Look for it every Wednesday!

On Wednesdays in the U.S., people often say, “We’re over the hump.” A hump is a raised portion of the road, used to slow traffic. Also called “speed bumps”, they’re often found where there are many pedestrians or where children are playing nearby.

If you think of the days of the week as a straight line, and the middle day – Wednesday – as a hump in the middle, you can understand this idiom. So, smile, because today is Wednesday and you’re now over the hump!

We will post another grammar or idiom lesson next week!

Until then, we send you our kind regards.

The NESE Grammar Team

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