Over-the-Hump-Wednesday Grammar and Idioms Lesson (August 14, 2019)

Over-the-Hump Wednesday

This week, instead of an idiom, we are going to write a sentence that has a typical written English mistake in it. If you say this sentence out loud, you will not hear the mistake. It only occurs in writing:

I love to speak english when I travel around the world.

Do you know what is wrong? Please scroll down to see the answer.

Signpost with the business capitals of the world.

The Answer:

The mistake here is that “english” should be written as “English”, Why? Because in English (notice the capitalization), the names of countries AND adjectives AND languages referring to the country are capitalized. Therefore, the following sentence has 3 mistakes in it:

In the united states, many people speak spanish, and many people eat italian food.

It should be written as follows:

In the United States, many people speak Spanish, and many people eat Italian food.

The NESE Grammar Team

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